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SINGPELLET is the leading producer of next generation wood pellet biofuel in Singapore. A subsidiary of ENITO, the world’s largest producer of Coconut Palm Wood, SINGPELLET will concentrate on the production of clean renewable energy from our own sawmill by-products.

High fossil fuel price are causing commercial establishments and industries across verticals to invest in industrial boilers instead of depending on utility grids. Rising environmental concerns paved way for eco-friendly power generation technologies in the industrial boiler market.

Using biomass in cogeneration is one of the best means to convert renewable energy source into heat and power which will greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) compared to coal and oil. Feedstock scarcity for biomass boilers in Singapore is one of the challenges that the country is facing today. SINGPELLET is proud to spearhead this initiative to break that barrier and provide highly efficient and consistent supply of wood pellet biofuel for the local market.

The company is committed to support the biomass industry with “recycled’ wood pellets which are all natural, eco-friendly and innovative. As a new initiative to ‘absorb’ every disposed / felled coconut palm trees which is burned today, while creating new opportunities for coconut plantation countries.

Our Vision

To be a global provider for Biomass resources beneficial towards renewable energy.

Our Mission

To use the right resources in an appropriate scale to produce the next generation of wood pellets at the highest quality.


Wood Pellet Biofuel for direct firing, co-firing, cogeneration and gasification

Why we are a green organisation

At SINGPELLET, we believed that nothing should go to waste. Our raw materials came from our own sawmill waste and non-merchantable materials from manufacturing of Coconut Palm Wood products.

Considered as a Tree of Life, Coconut Palm Trees are considered as one of the most sustainable wood resource. Millions of senile coconut trees are underutilized which could potentially replace the demand for exotic hardwood. Since our raw materials came from private plantations, no rainforest are cut and no agricultural land is diverted in producing our wood pellets.

Developing coconut based pellets will offer significant contribution to renewable energy goal of Singapore and help curb carbon dioxide emissions in line with the Kyoto protocol targets. CO2 from biomass combustion are not counted as GHG emissions. Carbon dioxide gas emitted in wood combustion may be off-set by the carbon dioxide gas taken up by trees as they grow. This makes it impact neutral in comparison to burning fossil fuel.


Supporting Organisations

Asia Plantation Capital
Diamond Energy
City Developments Ltd