Albatross Fund

Registered as J Green Field Sdn Bhd, operating as Albatross Fund.

Through our global partners, associates and affiliates we promote renewable energy initiatives through structuring joint ventures and financing Renewable Energy Projects.

Our consortium is consolidated into:

1. Manufacturing of Renewable Energy Applications powered up by Technologies such as Solar Power (PV and Thermal), Wind Power (Vertical and Horizontal Axis) Bio Power (Biogas and Biomass) and Hydro Power (Hydroelectricity)

2. Funding Waste to Energy Plants, Solar Plants, Wind Plants, Hydro Power projects.


International consultancy firm specializing in structuring projects and assisting clients access: Capital Raising, Project Structuring. Project Funding, and Trade Finance for their Renewable Energy businesses.

Why we are a green organisation

We are determined to be a leader and an example to others in addressing the threat of climate change. We promote renewable energy initiatives through the Renewable Energy Franchise Network Franchise Program (R.E.F.N.P.P) an initiative that is biased towards the extensive transfer of renewable energy applications and technology in Developing Nations. R.E.F.N.P.P engages with local, and regional partners towards building, Solar Plants, Wind Farms, Waste to Energy Plants. We pursue many practical activities which contribute to the overall reduction of carbon footprint.







Power Generation/Clean Energy VC/Investors

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